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The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019

£24.49 £34.99 saving £10.50
The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019

The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019

£24.49 £34.99 saving £10.50
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    I see you honey. It’s exhausting isn’t it? Trying to live up to the expectation of a picture-perfect life. Especially when that life doesn’t make you all that happy either. But it's my mission to put a stop to this. Instead of trying to create a life you think you should have, I'm here to help you craft a messy, squiggly-roaded, awesome adventure of your own.

    Sound fun? Then let's go get 2019!  🙌🏻

    So what do you get?

    01. A 15 x 22 x 4cm size, lay-flat bound, portable planner that has;

    02. An unstoppable, quarterly master plan tool that integrates throughout your year

    A gold ribbon bookmark to easily access your master plan, and a black ribbon bookmark to mark your current page

    A reflect and refocus weekly check-in to keep you on-track

    Daily schedule pages (yep, even your weekends!)

    . A daily happiness bank to fill with glittery, grateful moments

    A daily and monthly mistake log to help you step out of your comfort zone and finally ditch perfectionism

    2 x sheets of gold foil detail stickers for both reward + pep talk moments

    7 x hand-drawn illustration colouring-in pages to escape in

    An invitation to join my secret Imperfectionistas Facebook group

    FREE monthly mentoring from me in a Facebook group Q&A

    The best year of your life so far! 💪🏻

    👉🏻 If this sounds up your street, make sure you check out the Details tab for a juicier look inside, and come and see who the planner's helped already 💋

  • Look what's inside! 👏🏻

    Your 7-step plan to a game-changing 2019:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 – 7-step plan for game-changing 2019

    Feel armed for action and ready for anything. You know sh*t happens. You know 2019 will have its challenges as well as its wins. But you also now know the 7-steps to make it a game-changer – not just in spite of the struggle, but because of it. So, you ready? 😁

    Your roadmap to clarity:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner – master plan

    Finally swap that lost, aimless feeling, for an awesome, focused feeling. Your master plan will give you clarity, and help you work out exactly what you want from your 2019, why you want it, and how it's gonna happen, week by week. Plus, you won't be setting yourself off-the-shelf goals out of a sense of obligation anymore, you'll be setting goals you cannot wait to smash, so much so – they'll be like pressies to yourself!

    Go from overwhelmed to empowered. Instead of sitting down in January to try and map your goals for the entire year, this simplifies your goals into digestible, three-month quarters. It makes setting your intentions way less overwhelming, and way more achievable. Change is gon' come my friend. 

    Your daily view:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 – daily view

    Feel crazy-organised and supported. The daily view makes it super-easy to plan and feel in control of your time throughout each week, and it can be used as an everyday scheduling tool (with areas for your schedule, your to-do list, your meal plan and your scribbles).

    Bank your happiness for when you need it most. Your happiness bank is your go-to tool for living in the moment, and appreciating how glittery your world already is. Mess and all.

    ['Glitter' terminology inspired by the epic imperfectionista and happiness banker Rachel]: 😊

    "It's not about recognising the bigger things that bring about happiness, but the smaller, tiny moments I often lose every day because I'm so caught up in my day-to-day struggles! For the first time in a long time I realised that every day I think I’m miserable and that things are too hard or too pointless, that actually my happiness is like glitter! Tiny but bright sparkles, not always visible unless you catch them in the light!" 

    — Rachel, 35. Sedgely

    Your weekly view:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner – weekly view

    Keep what matters to you, your priority. The weekly view makes reaching your goals kinda inevitable with its opportunity review your past week, and refocus the next. Use this area to quickly jot down your plans for the week ahead – making sure you squeeze time in your schedule for stuff that makes you feel good, and rightfully so 💪🏻

    Your monthly view:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 – monthly view

    Stay on top of stuff you always forget. Your monthly grid view helps you kickstart each month with a clear focus, and scribble down any big days to remember.

    Your cure for perfection:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 – daily and monthly mistake log

    Imperfection is the new perfection. And your daily mistake log will help you overcome your addiction to need everything to look or feel perfect, in a matter of weeks. You don't need to fill it in every day, but when you do, you'll know you're on the right track because it means you're growing and stepping out of your comfort zone like a badass 😉

    Discover the fabulous in your fails. Using your daily mistake logs for inspo, use your monthly mistake log to celebrate your golden nugget of learning each month – taking the time to see the insane value and lessons in every flop, makes the idea of failing way more inviting! (Perfectionism = cured)! 😇 

    Your time to enjoy the ride:

    The Imperfect Life® Planner 2019 – colouring-in pages and stickers

    Get a buzz of becoming a kid again. Your colouring-in pages and playful, reward and pep-talk stickers commending all your hard-ass work, will really help you not take this bonkers stage of your life too seriously.

    Your access to my secret community of imperfectionistas:

    With each planner purchased, you'll get an invite to my secret Facebook community; a place for lovely gorgeous folk (who are all muddling their way through their own quarter-life/third-life crisis) to have a free-from-judgment place to vent, share and unload.

    No-one will be able to see you’re in the group (unless they’re in the group themselves). It’s completely confidential and it could be a complete game-changer for you and your mindset.

    And not only will you have the option to join this growing online community of like-minded, awesome people, I'll also dedicate a solid hour, once a month and personally answer any quarter-life/third-life crisis-ey questions you might have in a monthly Q&A. Yep, like a one-to-one mentoring-vibe! 👍🏻

    Is this just for 20-somethings in a crisis? 🤔

    Absolutely not. While this isn't a generic, fits-all type planner, the methods inside would be equally as effective for anyone wanting to try a different way of creating positive change in their life, and feel in control of their future again.

    So why listen to me?

    Kerry Lyons – creator of The Imperfect Life®

    Valid question my friend. I’m not a certified life coach with years of study on quarter-life/third-life/mid-life crises under my belt. I’m not a psychologist with years of counselling hours to my name either. But nor do I want to be those things. In fact, I want to create a place that hopefully prevents you ever having to need those things.

    What I am is a practitioner – since my own quarter-life crisis over 10 years ago, I've tested, tweaked and refined all kinds of crisis thrive strategies. I know what works, what doesn't, and I continue to test, tweak and refine new methods to see what's most effective with my own audience. I know what you’re feeling and what you’re going through because I felt it for myself. I've lived, breathed, survived and thrived through my own crisis. I didn’t have any kind of guide to help me out of mine, so now it’s essentially my life’s work to ensure you don’t have to go it alone too.

    What can begin as simply living in a repeated state of frustration and a pressure to live a certain way, can soon turn into a really dark, destructive place if it's ignored – I want myself and The Imperfect Life® to be the place that supports you, encourages you and reminds you how to laugh at yourself, to stop you ever having to go that far.

    👉🏻 You can read my story here. 

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