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If you just buy it? Erm, nope. But if you use it and practice #theimperfectlife? OMG YES!

Have a read of these epic customer stories:

 Jade Moore – an epic imperfectionista

"The Imperfect Life Planner has literally changed my life. I am always full of brilliant ideas and plans that never turn into a reality. The planner has helped me get those ideas out of my head and break it down into tiny bite size manageable chunks. The diary has helped me re-organise my home, save £15,000 for my wedding, set-up a business and make a 5-year plan to keep me focusing on where I need to be. The weekly opportunity to reflect on the good bad and ugly is brilliant for me to break down the week and decide what to change the following week. I couldn't live without it now. Kerry you have no idea how much you have helped me and I genuinely don't think I could have done it without my planner xxx" 

Rachel Farrington – an epic imperfectionista

"I started 2018 with focus, determination and a head with ideas and goals to make this my best year yet! January, February and March were successful and inspiring months! I planned my goals, I booked a trip to New York, applied for my Masters and decorated the kitchen! I documented my imperfections and colourfully and artistically decorated the pages of my planner with such reckless abandon that I often returned to look back over the weeks as a constant reminder of how bright and organised my ‘new’ chaotic life was!

Unfortunately mid year I became really unwell, relapsing quite spectacularly with depression and all my well laid plans and goals slowly unravelled or had to be put on hold as I put every effort into recovery. For a good few months my planner lay neglected as I struggled to see past 24 hours let alone visualise months in advance. What I did do is tap into the regular blog posts and read comments & stories on the ‘Imperfectionistas’ Facebook group which are invaluable companions alongside the planner itself.

I’ve picked up my planner again and it’s stabilised my thought process and allowed me to refocus. Whilst my goals have since changed from holidays and academia to become more focused on self-care it is still a wondrous thing at keeping me on track! Most importantly as the name suggests it celebrates your 'IMPERFECTIONS’ and instead of mistakes, procrastination and feeling lost being your downfall, this planner turns them into weapons, goals, aspirations and achievable dreams!

My planner was a game changer! It is so easy to use, looks stylish, has survived the year as have I and has become a reminder of how far I’ve come and a guide in all I’ve yet to achieve.

Thank you Kerry 🖤🤘🏼"

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence – an epic imperfectionista

"I've always been a girl who loves a planner but The Imperfect Life Planner is so much more than just somewhere to write out your schedule. It makes you focus on your 'why' and then take actionable steps towards it. More than that, it allows you the room to do the one thing that we're all going to do at some point: make mistakes. Staying on top of two businesses isn't easy but my Imperfect Life Planner helps me to look forward to diving into all that beautiful chaos and seeing great results on the other side of the hard work. I feel like using it has given me an easier way to develop as a business person and the best part is that it's brought me into this community of other Imperfectionistas. When I'm getting organised, I don't feel complete without it now 💋xo"

Stacey Morgan – an epic imperfectionista

"The Imperfect Life Planner is my personal Bible. I love that I can set, track and achieve my personal goals by breaking things down into smaller tasks. Even writing down my fears and mistakes has helped me to focus on what’s important and has helped improve my outlook on life. Even my partner has noticed that I’m more positive and less stressed. I absolutely love that days are split up into hours so that I can schedule my tasks and the todo list on each day is perfect! It’s made me far more productive and organised. Plus I can write silly notes and scribbles to myself and even use stickers as rewards (I’m a big kid at heart). The planner goes everywhere with me and I literally can’t wait to order another ready to take on 2019. Thank you Kerry xoxo"

Nichola Eagle – an epic imperfectionista

"I absolutely adore and could not live without my Imperfect Life Planner. It’s my 'happy place' where my busy life is literally thrown into it as a rushed mess, but comes out prioritised, organised and like I actually know what I am doing (I am winging life with style 😉) it’s the last thing I see before I go to sleep, and the first thing when I wake up. It gives me reassurance that I am in control (even when things don’t go my way) I am still in control. Juggling full time work, plus own business, a house, children, pets, appointments, and life in general as we know is not easy, but my planner gives me the confidence that it’s achievable without wanting to lie down in a dark room with a bottle of gin each night! Five minutes with your planner and you’re ready (might as well have the gin whilst it’s there though 😂). It’s genius!"