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Feel Confident and Positive [3-week self-hypnosis program] 50% OFF

£14.50 £29.00 saving £14.50
Feel Confident and Positive [3-week self-hypnosis program] 50% OFF

Feel Confident and Positive [3-week self-hypnosis program] 50% OFF

£14.50 £29.00 saving £14.50

Feeling and being your most confident and positive self opens up a whole new paradigm where you get to be unstoppable.

This 3-week transformational hypnosis program will help you embody the most confident and positive version of you, freeing you to show up in your business in ways you've maybe only dreamt of so far. 

The potency of self-hypnosis lies in the fact that it can reach and release blocks that your conscious mind just can't access. And the best bit – you can even do it while you sleep! #win!

Imagine how different your business might look if you felt like everything you dreamt of was achievable and within reach. The speaking gigs on your vision board = booked? The clients you dream of working with = signed? The revenue threshold you've been working towards = smashed?

Imagine how uplifting it'd then feel when the people closest to you remark on the shift they can viscerally feel in you, the happiness they can visibly see in you – asking you what's your secret!

When your confidence is low and your go-to response for challenges you face always seems to lean to the negative, simply trying to 'think' or 'coach' yourself out of it often leads to an even deeper negative spiral. People-pleasing those close to you can become rife and feeling unnecessary guilt for 'not being able to figure it out' can prevent you from doing anything at all in your business.

Whether you feel like you're right there in the eye of the storm, or suspect you might be on your way there, this hypnosis program was made for you!

Who is this hypnosis program for?
New and seasoned business owners who lack confidence to make moves in ways they'd really love to, doubt their abilities and often find themselves assuming the worst in any challenges they face.

How long is it?
13 minutes

How long should I listen to it for?
A minimum of three weeks consecutively, 1-2 times a day (more consistency supports more rapid results. Our recommendation is at least once when you wake, and once when you go to bed)

How will I access the hypnosis program?
A link to download your audio will arrive via email within around 10 minutes of your purchase. You can then listen to that .mp3 on your preferred device.

Can I listen to it straight away?
For safeguarding purposes, please ensure you’re not driving, cooking or operating any kind of machinery while listening to this hypnosis audio, and if you’ve experienced complex trauma, you may find some of my suggestions to connect with your body challenging, so please only participate if/when you feel comfortable to do so. If you do take part, you may wish to take some time over the coming days to regulate your emotions.

Can I get a flavour?
Sure! We've included a short sample here for you, take a niiiice deeeep breathhh, and enjoy...

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