The Imperfect Life® Planner

Helping you make your daydream your day-job and build the business you were made for.


Your anytime-of-year, 90-day planner

Designed to focus your mind on truly getting results

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  • Get clear and laser in on what is it that you want

    and actually enjoy the process and challenge of making it happen.

  • Hone your mindset skills (your inner game)

    and mix them with taking the right, practical steps (your outer game).

  • Break down your vision into simple steps

    to stay committed to your goals in a fool-proof, realistic way.

  • Finally stop stifling your dream and big ideas

    because you feel scared, 'un-ready', unconfident or unsure.

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What is The Imperfect Life®?

It’s the imperfect-but-failure-proof path to finding your thing, creating the business you were made for, and finally making it your day-job.

It’s not meant to be easy, but I want to show you why that bit – the squiggly, messy, imperfect AF bit, is actually the bloody best bit.

So are you going to take the safe road that’s going to take you where you’ve always driven? Or are you going to try the road that’s gonna test out your tyres, but promises you the ride of your life? 😜 

Meet the creator, Kerry Lyons

I’m a Business Design Coach and I help people make their daydream their day-job.

Whether you've a business idea in you, a side-hustle you want to take full-time or a business already that you're desperate to fall back in-love with – you're in the exact right place my friend.

I’m a wife, a mama, and an untameable kitchen-dancer. I’m crazy-passionate about progression, equality, raising women up, Nike Air Max 90s and doughnuts.