The Imperfect Life® Planner

A proven method in helping you truly find your happy

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Finally say 🖕🏻 to the pressure to be perfect by:

The Imperfect Life® Planner 2018
  • Ditching perfectionism

    Your weekly mistake log will help you overcome your addiction to need everything to look or feel perfect, in a matter of weeks. FACT.

  • Curing your failure-fear

    Your fear journal will show you how to wipe out every fear that might be holding you back, and squish them into insignificance.

  • Getting super-focused

    Your master plan will help you work out exactly what you want from your 2018, why you want it, and how it'll happen. Change is a-coming honey.

  • Feeling cheer-leaded

    Your thrive manual is full of pocket-size pep-talks for whenever you need some motivation along your way to winning at life.

Meet your 2018 game-changer.

We're the first generation with this kind of magnified pressure for perfection on our shoulders, and it sucks trying to create a life we've been told to have, rather than listening to our own, most powerful instincts instead. 

But enough is enough. It's time for you to be you. Today is when you grab life by the ball-eos and finally change your game 💪🏻

Oh yeah, and did I mention there's ACTUAL gold star stickers?!

And they're not even the coolest bit about owning this planner and joining this imperfect movement! Keep scrolling to see what else you get 👏🏻

There's also colouring-in fun-ness!

And who doesn't like colouring-in?! But the bigger question is, are you brave enough to colour outside the lines from here-on in? 🤔

It doesn't even stop there.

  • Get FREE monthly mentoring with me

    With every planner, you get an invite to join my secret Facebook group where I'll dedicate a solid hour, once a month and personally answer any quarter-life/third-life crisis-ey questions you might have in a monthly Q&A. Yep, like a one-to-one mentoring-vibe! 

  • Become a part of my community of imperfectionistas.

    My secret Facebook group will also become your place to vent, to share, to unload with like-minded people. A secret hideaway that's safe and free from judgment, where you'll get comfort through support, encouragement, and a freaking sense of humour during what can be a crazy-low, lonely time. Plus: No-one will be able to see you’re in the group (unless they’re in the group themselves). 

  • All good things come in small packages.

    The Imperfect Life® Planner's gift box is no exception. It makes it an even more beautiful gift to give, receive or even treat yourself to. And before you question self-treats, yep. You do deserve to treat yourself 💋 

This is a proven method to finding your happy.

Now let's go find yours 💋

Don't just take my word

Real-life people love it too 😍

I received my 2018 planner today. The quality of it is outstanding. I would highly recommend purchasing one. I also purchased my partner one and she just keeps saying over and over how much she loves it. Great purchase for yourself, great gift for someone. Just amazing. x

Kerry mentored me before I even knew what that term meant. She bullied me into submission to start my own photography business and I've never looked back since. Turns out it was the biggest no-brainer and I was just scared of failing. This book is a big slice of Kerry. It's the paper form of everything she lives by and strives to encourage in people.

The Imperfect Life® Planner is a breath of fresh air in a world that is so focused on drive and output.

I want 2018 to work for me, not the other way around. I don't want to tick off endless to-do lists without knowing the bigger picture. I don't want to feel trapped by always aiming for perfection, and most of all I want to get over being paralysed by fear. I'm so grateful that I found this.

I definitely feel the pressures of attempting to live the perfect life, and it drives me a bit crazy. It doesn't make me happy, it doesn't make me feel satisfied. Thank you Kerry. You hit the nail on the head for creating a planner that I can actually envisage using. I'm looking forward to re-evaluating the direction of my business, and well, life!