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Why this is the only planner you'll ever need

(And why as a service-based business owner you need this in your life)

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  • Waiting for the perfect time to start or launch your next offer?

    [Spoiler alert: there isn't one!] So the planner allows you to start a full 90 days of planning that you can kick off any time of the year. No waiting for new years, months and weeks! The time is now honey!

  • Coasting day-to-day with a lack of direction?

    Don't worry! With every planner, you get free access to our 12-part audio coaching program The Imperfect Life® Method – which walks you through how to plan your goals and make them ACTUALLY happen, step by step!

  • Never getting through your daily to-do list?

    You're not alone. We massively underestimate what we can do in a year, and massively overestimate what we can do in a day. So stahp! Focus on no more than 3 tasks a day in our carefully designed and tried and tested daily-spreads.

  • Feeling resistance and procrastinating?

    You wouldn't be human if you weren't! But your planner includes your antidote – with 3 coaching-based journaling sections to keep you motivated and in the game, even when you wanna quit.

Customer reviews

I was struggling to see how I was going to carve out the time and energy to start my business, I felt too busy – turns out I just needed the planner! I have now reached my 90-day goal, which was to launch my business online and book my first client! I’m in my last week of the planner now so I’m putting in my order today for my next one! Can’t decide which one to get next!

I was struggling to get my mind back on track if I’d had a tough or low energy day. Now I feel like I have a place to turn to when that happens and it helps me untie the big knot of stuff in my head! I absolutely love that it’s dateless because it means you can start working on your goal as soon as you like. So yes yes yes I would recommend it! 🙌🏻

I was struggling with consistency. Since using the planner, I have been SHOWING UP for myself and my business. I am building up trust with myself to get sh*t done and go with my intuition. It's helped me to distinguish between NEEDLE MOVING tasks, and cut the rest. Kerry's energy is infectious and the planner reads in her exact voice. She's the cheerleader we all need!

I've noticed that I'm now giving myself the opportunity to reflect on my day, and it helps to keep me grounded and appreciative of where I am now. I love this aspect of the planner. And I love that the pages aren't dated, which adds a feeling of flexibility and freedom rather being constrained and forced to have to use it every day.

Since using the planner, I no longer feel overwhelmed, or that my big dream isn't attainable. If I'm honest, it feels so easy now, I feel like my first 90-day goal may be achieved sooner. And it’s not because I am trying to be teacher's pet 😂 but because I feel so chilled about things. It's exciting to open my planner and crack on with it. Thanks 🙏🏼 Kerry x

Invest in a year's supply of focus and fun, and SAVE £19!

If you're serious about making the next 12 months the most game-changing year of your life, it makes sense to invest in a year's supply. Simply add any four planners to your cart, and we'll take £19 off your order for you.

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What is The Imperfect Life®?

It’s the imperfect-but-failure-proof path to building the business you were made for, and finally making it your day-job.

It’s not meant to be easy, but I want to show you why that bit – the squiggly, messy, imperfect AF bit, is actually the bloody best bit.

So are you going to take the safe road that’s going to take you where you’ve always driven? Or are you going to try the road that’s gonna test out your tyres, but promises you the ride of your life? 😜 

Meet the creator, Kerry Lyons

I’m a Mind + Business Coach and I help service-based business owners make their daydream their day-job.

Whether you've a business idea in you, a side-hustle you want to take full-time or a business already that you're desperate to fall back in-love with – you're in the exact right place my friend.

I’m a wife, a mama, and an untameable kitchen-dancer. I’m crazy-passionate about progression, equality, raising women up, Nike Air Max 90s and doughnuts.